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Deanna Gonzalez

As an award winning Realtor ® and Broker/Owner of Centric Real Estate Group, Deanna’s daily business activities include counseling first-time home buyers as they tackle one of the biggest milestones in their life (home ownership), marketing homes and educating new investors on how to purchase their first investment property.

With over 16 years as an accomplished realtor and investor, Deanna’s knowledge for the market, negotiation skills and integrity is by far unmatched.

“My professional background in Corporate America has proven to be invaluable,” says Deanna. “Managing executives of Fortune 500 organizations and two corporate rebranding’s and an Emmy throughout my career, have taught me analytical processes in order to properly manage a successful company, and understanding how to communicate with my customers to show them RESULTS.”

My passion for real estate and empowering others to find their dream home has since steered me to create a resourceful tool that will assist buyers, sellers and investors during their greatest milestones. Through support and education, we are here to teach you how to confidently tackle the home buying or selling process.

If you have questions such as, “Why do I want to buy a home? What’s important for my future? How can I stay focused during the home buying process? or screaming, “It’s too much information to remember!!!” Then you need a Milestone Manager Planner to guide you during your journey to homeownership –whether you are a first, second or third time homeowner, staying organized is essential. The Milestone Manager Planner is simple, chic and easy to navigate.

“You can count on me to give you the most insightful information, to help you make the best decision and manage your Milestone of finding the perfect home.”